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    Back home to Tampa

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    Well it’s back home to Tampa today. The worlds was fun, but I wish I had a better result to come home with. Maybe next time in two years. I would like to thank everyone that following me on here, Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Big thanks to TLR, JConcepts, and Tekin for all support this…

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    4wd mains set @TeamLosi_Racing

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    4wd mains set for tomorrow. I didn’t have the best day ending up in the G main. I seemed to change my car every run sometimes for the bad and sometimes for the good. With more time with the 22-4 I think will help. Knowing what does what at the right time. There’s some more…

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    4wd practice over here in Chico @TeamLosi_Racing

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    4wd practice all done after 10 rounds of 15 car in each race. Round 10 was the seating round for tomorrow’s qualifiers. I didn’t have the best tenth round so I’ll be doing all of my qualifying about mid pack. The 22-4 powered by tekin worked well all day and I’m looking forward to tomorrow….

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    22-4 ready for practice @TeamLosi_Racing

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    Yesterday I didn’t have the ending I was looking for in my 2wd C main but today is a new day and the start of getting ready for 4wd. The TLR 22-4 got released last night and I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to run one here at the worlds. Keep checking RedRC.net…

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    2wd Qualifying Day @TeamLosi_Racing

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    2wd Qualifying started out with a early start waking up at 6am then after a quick stop at Starbucks we were at the track. First qualifier I ended up 85th overall after making some poor driving and tire choice (new tires instead of one run tires). Second round I rebounded to a soso run with…

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    Opening ceremonies @TeamLosi_Racing

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    Opening ceremonies here in Chico today. Great job by amainhobbies on all levels. Weather was great and the next five days look good too. It’s getting closer to race time and the anticipation is getting greater. You can tell some of the top drivers are a little on edge. Tonight it is gluing up some…

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    Setup day here in Chico. @TeamLosi_Racing

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    Setup day here in Chico. Teams are getting there pits setup and already gluing tires for the practice rounds tomorrow and for racing starting on Tuesday. TLR has one of the biggest teams here, with races from UK, Australia, and the US.