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Back home to Tampa

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Well it’s back home to Tampa today. The worlds was fun, but I wish I had a better result to come home with. Maybe next time in two years. I would like to thank everyone that following me on here, Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Big thanks to TLR, JConcepts, and Tekin for all support this week. Now looking forward to next weekend, it’s off to holeshot raceway and the region 4 race.

Quote from a local racer at holeshot raceway.

Had fun at practice on Saturday. I got our cars working pretty well, although I hadn’t gotten my tire order in yet so I didn’t have the best option for fronts available.

I like the layout, a real 1/10 track like the old days with good flow and no ridiculous hold your breathe jumps to try and make each lap.

Traction was good and pretty consistent too.

Nice work.

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