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Florida’s region 4 race recap

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TLR/JConcepts drivers had a great showing this past weekend at holeshot raceway and the roar region 4′s. TLR’s 22 2.0 picked up three wins (JR Mitch in 2wd mod, Jovan Cruz in 2wd stock, and Bobby Horan in Masters) and the TLR’s SCTE 2.0 with Chris Viesins taking the win in 4×4 SCT.

Kris, Kristen and the whole crew of Holeshot raceway we (as all racers) appreciate the effort you put into having a track. Unfortunately there are some bumps in the road and this makes things harder then what they need to be. We understand that you don’t need to have a track, but you put forth the effort for ALL of us to have a place to race. And for this WE ALL are thankful.


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