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    SCRC club race notes

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    When we arrived early Saturday morning to SCRC, it looked like a lot of water had been placed on the track the night before. As we all started practice this was very clear. Most everyone was lacking grip. First qualifier the track was still lacking overall grip but was staring to come around. I’ve taken…

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    SCRC club race

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    Tomorrow it’s off to Cocoa Beach and SCRC. Should be a good turn out according to the traffic on Facebook. Bringing out all the top guns here in Florida for some great club race action. Coming out this time with a new setup and things to try to hopefully find the ticket on the high…

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    Last round of the JC supercup 13

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    Early Saturday morning it was off to High Springs and Shiverville raceway. Ken and Cheryl Shiver and the track crew at Shiverville did a great job getting the track ready and keeping up with it all day. First round of qualifying was key to getting a good run on this beautiful 80 deg Saturday as…

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    Saturday it’s supercup round 4

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    Early Saturday morning, it’s off to Shiverville Speedway in High Springs, north of Gainesville. The smaller outdoor track always has some great racing and it includes all the great racers from the JConcepts supercup series. The last couple of club races at Shiverville, the track has been run in a loose and loamy track condition….

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    Jconcepts indoor series finials

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    Well after an up and down weekend, I’m taking something back with me from Omaha. One thing is that tires were the tuning option of the weekend. You could get your car to steer more or less, just by how high the pin height was. Omaha was a cool place. I met some new people…

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    New jrmitch.net wristbands

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    With traveling to a lot of races lately and to help keep all my followers up to date, I started jrmitch.net. I will have wristbands at every race I attend this year and 2014. So stop by and check out all of my gear and grab a wristband. Available in red and pink