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SCRC club race notes

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When we arrived early Saturday morning to SCRC, it looked like a lot of water had been placed on the track the night before. As we all started practice this was very clear. Most everyone was lacking grip. First qualifier the track was still lacking overall grip but was staring to come around. I’ve taken it upon myself to come into this club race with some new ideas to try some new things. I started round one on my standard setup with 55 stock pistons all the way around. This was ok but it felt very squirmish. Round two, I stuck to my game plan and changed my car to 2×1.6 pistons. This round the track dried out a little more and the grip was coming around. Changing to the two whole pistons really helped the side grip and also improved the take-off and landing of the SCRC jump situation. Edging TQ over Billy after round two it was time for the main. The main was a time to once again test more things. I mounted up a brand new set of JConcepts Dirtwebs in blue compound front and rear and tried tire traction (sticky kicks blue). This was not ideal in the main and made the car very edgy to drive. Next time I would just add tire traction to the rear tires only.
(See setup sheet 22 2.0 12/28/13 SCRC mod)

I also raced 2wd stock with my RM TLR 22 2.0. I was also running the JConcepts Dirtwebs tire in blue compound, grip and lap times got better in round two just like in mod. I worked closely with Team Trinity’s Kevin Abbot on some motor setups to get the most out of my Trinity D3.5 working on gearing and timing. There’s been a lot of talk lately about RM or MM and what’s better in stock. From the information and testing, Kevin and I have done over the weekend, we’ve both come to the conclusion that RM is the best. The added grip and one less gear in the transmission is the best for stock racing.
(See setup sheet 22 2.0 12/28/13 SCRC stock)

Trinity D3.5
Timing 24 degrees
High torque rotor
Gearing 33/70

All in all a very productive Saturday on the space coast with good competition and a good test for the jconcepts super cup that comes back to this very track in a little under a month. See you then.

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