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    Long week of R/C

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    Tomorrow starts the week off at newred hobbies and a revised layout. With 60+ racers last Thursday night with an A and B main in the beginner’s class, it’s really good to see. It’s a good feeling seeing people are getting involved in this great hobby. Saturday it’s off to SCRC and the long drive…

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    Back to Newred hobbies Thursday night.

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    Thursday night it’s back to newred hobbies for their club race program. I’ve been thinking about trying some new things and working on a new setup for the TLR 22 2.0 at the same time since I’ve left St. Louis. This test/club race is a perfect opportunity to do so. That means gluing up a…

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    JConcepts – TLR 22 4mm Carbon Fiber front shock tower

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    One of the most popular vehicle platforms on the market now has Carbon Fiber options by JConcepts. Back in the design lab, the JConcepts team went to work with 4mm Carbon Fiber material to better outfit and shed some weight from the TLR 22 and 22 2.0. The design team has pin-pointed the exact geometry…

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    JConcepts indoor nationals recap

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    Qualifying Saturday started off good with good runs in all classes entered. After the second round of qualifiers were over it seemed that the track was losing grip and drying out. The smac trac crew did a great job dealing with the changes and adjusted their track prep accordingly. JConcepts green compound dirt webs worked…

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    Smac trac day one

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    Great first day here in Saint Charles, Missouri. The day started off super cold with temps in the single digits but inside the tracking pit area was a very comfortable 65. Once again it’s great to be surrounded by some great people on a racing level and a personal level; it makes racing very enjoyable….

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    Thanks for following!

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    Thank you to everyone for following! Be sure to follow me on all social media outlets and right here on jrmitch.net. I’ll be posting more videos on youtube and also more information and pictures on twitter facebook and Instagram. Also be sure to help support me and my sponsors by voting in the 2014 RC…