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    New Trinity ZOMBIE and motor setup sheets

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    Today Trinity has released their new ZOMBIE motor, which features a new higher power 545 size. Longer than a standard sized 540 for more torque and power but shorter than a 550 so it fits more vehicles. Lighter weight for better handling and more power is a hard combination to beat. The Zombie is the…

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    Highs and Lows from Shiverville

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    Saturday morning started off super early and busy. I still needed to finish up a few things on my TLR ten-SCTE and start making my decision on tires for round one. 2wd was about race 14 with most everyone starting out with rear motor cars and super soft tires. 4wd was race 23 and the…

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    It’s supercup time

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    I got to Shiverville this evening about 7 ish. A small club race was being run and I was able to get two practice runs in. The track is a bit larger then the last time I was here and the guys here at Shiverville have done a great job. Tomorrow is going to be…

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    JConcepts – Hybrids 1/8 buggy tire

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    For this month’s product view, I decided to change it up a bit and introduce everyone to the 1/8th side of JConcepts and the hybrid 1/8th scale buggy tire. I’ve been out of the gas seen for sometime now, but I still find the time to get out and run my TLR 8 3.0. The…

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    March, April and May race calendar

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    March 22 It’s back to the new and improved Shiverville raceway and the JConcepts supercup round 3. Ken and the guys have done a great job making the super fun smaller track bigger. Can’t wait for this one. April 12-13 I take the cross-country trip to Tacoma, Washington and TRCR. This is the next stop…