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Highs and Lows from Shiverville

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Saturday morning started off super early and busy. I still needed to finish up a few things on my TLR ten-SCTE and start making my decision on tires for round one. 2wd was about race 14 with most everyone starting out with rear motor cars and super soft tires. 4wd was race 23 and the grip levels had increased significantly in just the 9 races from 2wd with DD’s wearing out in a 5 minute run. On to round 2 and the sunlight fully on the Shiverville track. 2wd now had all drivers switching to mid-motor car with grip levels booming. The 22 2.0 on blue barcodes was on rails turning lap time over a second a lap faster then round one. 4wd was more of the same with the 22-4 outfitted with JConcepts new silencer body and finished off the third TQ for me. This led to a great starting spot for the mains. All of the mod mains would come down to choosing the right compound tires and unfortunately I made all the wrong moves. Shiverville, as in the past has been one of the only outdoor tracks that gold compound at night works with the right tire sauce. After talking and bringing this option up with my teammates, we all decided to go with blue compound for the main. Knowing that I was on the same page as my teammates, I didn’t have a back up plan/compound on hand to be totally sure. With all of the mains back to back to back, there wasn’t anytime to mount tires after my 2wd that was horrendous. So, needless to say my Saturday was filled with ups and downs but Ken and everyone who helped put on the JConcepts race did a great job and I love racing at this track.

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