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    SuperCup FZRC brief

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    Saturday morning, it was up early for the hour drive south to Sarasota and FZRC. The very unique FZRC track is one of my personal favorite tracks here in Florida. This weekend’s race would be round four of the JConcepts SuperCup with over 180 entries. My last SuperCup result wasn’t the best, if you’ve read…

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    JConcepts Dirt Webs review

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    I’ve had two race opportunities lately (St. Louis, JConcepts indoor series round one at TRCR, JConcepts indoor series round two) to run the dirt webs on both my TLR 22 2.0 and 22-4. With great forward bite along with excellent side grip, the tires performed excellent and I was fortunate enough to bring home the…

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    Newred 10 year race rundown

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    Saturday morning it was up early for the hour and a half drive north to Ocala, home of newred hobbies. Newred has been a successful hobby shop and track for over ten years, going back to 2004 when they held the ROAR Regional 4 race. Some of the people that raced back in ’04 still…

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    TRCR recap

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    Friday started practice at the small, but yet very open indoor track in Tacoma called TRCR. The track started out with a good amount of moisture, and most everyone started out on gold dirt webs running them in on the track getting them to the right height. My TLR 22-4 and SCTE 2.0 were very…

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    Here I go again!

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    Well I’m off on my cross country trip from the southeast to the northwest. Follow me all weekend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and here on jrmitch.net. Also be sure to support #22empire wherever your RC racing takes you. JR