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SuperCup FZRC brief

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Saturday morning, it was up early for the hour drive south to Sarasota and FZRC. The very unique FZRC track is one of my personal favorite tracks here in Florida. This weekend’s race would be round four of the JConcepts SuperCup with over 180 entries. My last SuperCup result wasn’t the best, if you’ve read my previous SuperCup blog post you would know, so I came into this last round with an open mind and new focus.

Round one would still have the track not quite to the grip levels at their best. This would see most of the fast guys in 2wd running RM cars in this round and switching to MM for round two. In 2wd, the RM TLR 22 2.0 on green JConcepts DD’s, and one or two mental mistakes, I came in 2nd right behind AE’s Jason Ruona. In 4wd, the TLR 22-4 saw the grip levels getting higher and I decided to run green barcodes all the way around and took the overall TQ. In 4wd SCT, it was JConcepts green pressure points and I also took the overall TQ.

Round two, the grip levels had to be the best we would see all day. 2wd would now see everyone with MM cars, bar type tires, and a re-sort putting all the fast guys in the last heat. I started out ok with lap times faster then round one, but a small mistake put me back to 5th. I worked my way back up to 3rd and I was working on 2nd when I had a hard time getting by my JConcepts teammate PW. I pushed the issue, unfortunately, giving PW a bad lap, but with a running lap time half a second faster then the next fastest driver on the track. One more small mistake at the end of the run would leave the door open for Jason to take the overall TQ. 4wd I switched to blue JConcepts barcodes and took the overall TQ and ran the fastest lap of the day at a 15.9. 4wd SCT I ran the same set of tires and kept my TQ in this class also.

Mains would see day turn to night and the lights on at FZRC. The track was not at the grip levels as round two but still higher then round one. I just couldn’t get the small mistake out of my system in 2wd so I came home in 3rd. 4wd on green barcodes were the ticket and I took the overall win by a fairly good margin over TLR teammate Chris Viesins. 4wd SCT was more of the same with the same result as 4wd buggy.

All in all a good Saturday, leaving me needing to clean up my 2wd program a little bit more to see the total result I’m looking for.

Till next time

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