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TRCR recap

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Friday started practice at the small, but yet very open indoor track in Tacoma called TRCR. The track started out with a good amount of moisture, and most everyone started out on gold dirt webs running them in on the track getting them to the right height. My TLR 22-4 and SCTE 2.0 were very good right out of the gate. My 22 2.0 needed some work; the setup I came to TRCR with just wasn’t working on the real dirt surface in Tacoma. I had the pleasure of pitting next to our great TLR rep from the WA area, JC Johnson. JC is a regular club racer at TRCR and we worked together well all weekend.

Saturday qualifiers started early with the track having a little less water on it then Friday, it seemed. I think this was mainly from how many cars had been on the track in a day and a half. With this, tire wear was getting greater and it was time to work on getting a new set of JConcepts dirt webs ready just in case, this included four wheel drive SCT. All classes at round 2 of the JConcepts indoor nats were very competitive with some of the fastest local drivers I’ve seen in some time. Two-wheel mod found the top four drivers after qualifying to be local racers; JC being one of them with some great runs. I had some ok runs placing me 8th on the grid for the main. In four-wheel drive buggy my TLR 22-4 worked great in qualifying and with great points put me 3rd. Four-wheel drive SCT was for me the funniest class all weekend; the TLR ten-e SCT 2.0 drove like an electric 1/8th scale all weekend on the small TRCR track with extreme grip and power. I put the dialed ride 3rd on the grid of the main event.

Sunday’s main found the track to be even drier then the day before, so this changed up tires a bit. Most everyone had basically ran their tires down to slicks from the day prayer and just kept running them for the main with the track being super dry now. 2wd mod I had an ok start in main one making my way up to 5th, but that didn’t last after making a mistake. After having a bad run in the first main, I decided to try some things in the other two mains, but didn’t really have any luck go my way in this class. 4wd SCT was a close and competitive class all weekend, starting 3rd on the grid and stiffening up the front spring on my truck, I was quickly able to get by 2nd and work on the leader. Chris Gould was super fast all weekend and more of the same in the main. I was able to get 3 seconds back by the end of the 8 minute main, bringing home the number two spot. 4wd mod was my best class for the weekend, starting 3rd on the grid. Main number one started out good, getting by the WC and Tyler on lap one after small mistakes by both. I was able to hold off the WC till half way when I made a mistake ending up 2nd at the end of main one. A2 just wasn’t my main and I ended up about mid pack. For A3, the win was still up in the air and it was down to this last main. It was a close race again between the top three. Tyler and I were racing for the second spot with 45 seconds to go, when Tyler made a move right before the starting line and both drivers went off track, and I got a little better deal out of the racing incident. At the end it would be Steven one, me two, and Tyler third.

All in all a great weekend in the northwest! The people of Tacoma were extremely nice with great hospitality and an overwhelming heart for racing. Super nice to see my good friend Scott Brown and finally get to see his awesome facility.

4wd mod A1from RedRC

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