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Chitown shootout

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Wednesday it was off to the great white north and Chicago for the 2015 chi’town shootout. I made the trip with jconcepts team manager, John Piant. Getting in and adjusting to the very cold temperature (Coming from temps in the 80′s to single digits) change would be hard to overcome by the end of the event.

Thursday would start practice after a nice road-trip trying to find our way to the track. With this being my first time racing at the middle size indoor track with great Midwest dirt, I would start my day with breaking in what would be my only set in each class of jconcepts dirt web tires all weekend. With the outside temps being so cold, parts of the track (like the straightaway) would stay super cold inside for most of the event. This would generate some talk in the pits as to how the track would change during the weekend.

Friday would start off early and busy. I just got my TLR 22T 2.0 the day before I made the trip to Chicago. My current truck I’ve been running was a 1.0 so I took the early morning opportunity to build the new truck. I got it done right before race one and unfortunately popped off a ball cup in this race. The rest of my Friday would go ok with one good run in each class.

Saturday would be a good full day with some glimpse of hope. My TLR 22-4 would be my best class again with a super close race in round four giving me a TQ in the round, which put me 2nd on the grid. My 22T 2.0 and 22 2.0 would be 5th and 7th on the grid respectfully. Saturday night would be the turning point of my trip with the start of my flu. This night would be filled with cold sweats and coughing.

Sunday would be a terrible day as my flu would get worse and I would spend most of the day in the rental car sleeping. I kept track of the races going on inside by checking liveRC and I came in just to race my races. Now it’s almost a full week from my return, and I’m just starting to feel better. Other then getting sick, I had a great time Friday talking to TLR customers and snapping some pics for Instagram. I hope I can make the trip back to leisure hours raceway soon for some racing action.

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