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Jconcepts 1.9” all-terrain tire review

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I’ve had the opportunity to test and try out both of jconcepts newest 1.9″ all-terrain tires. Testing was done at Newred hobbies, which has a permanent crawler course and was very dry. The first set tested were ruptures, which is a much larger tire for my twin hammer and looks a bit out of scale. The ruptures have a very pronounced tread separation, which I think would work best on more damp conditions. The jconcepts green compound lets the tire roll over and use the sidewall part of the tire for added grip on off-camber items. 

The second tire tested were the scorpios; this tire is more to scale and it looked the best on my vaterra twin hammers. The tread on the scorpios is more close together and the profile is a little more square then the ruptures, which I think help the lighter weight vaterra. If I had to pick one of the two, it would be the scorpios just for the more scale look. Both tires work very well with great grip and awesome looks. 

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