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Jconcepts supercup round 3 race report 

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Saturday morning would start super early leaving the tampa area at 3:30 am because of the long drive down south to Coral Springs. 

I haven’t been down to Coral Springs in some time and there were a lot of new faces at the famous track, host of two jconcepts clash’s. The Coral Springs track, unfortunately, is always in the wrong place at the wrong time; this weekend would be no different. Friday into Friday night, the track would be the victim of rain showers that would delay and affect the grip level on Saturday. 
With the track being damp for practice, I decided to practice with only 1 car to keep the other two clean and ready for qualifying. All classes wound go ok for round one with two TQ’s and a 3rd. The track always is about a lap faster in round two over round one and today would be no different. My TLR 22 2.0 was a little off in round two, because of having too soft of a rear spring with the grip level coming up. In truck and 4wd, I would take the gamble in both classes and try running blue barcodes. This wasn’t the best for the grip level at the time and it would hurt me in qualifying positions. 
Mains would be later on in the day with the sun setting. This would definitely rule out bar codes and for me it was a DD type of main in all three classes. 2wd would be up first and after starting P2 and a mistake by the leader, I would be leading. But unfortunately, I would catch a small runt and lose the lead and end up finishing 2nd overall. Truck mod class would be up next and after my warm up laps, I knew I made the right choice on tires running jconcepts green DD’s all the way around. At the tone, I was soon looking to pass second and set sail for the leader. After a small mistake by the leader at the time gave me the opportunity to capitalize and take the win. 4wd mod wound be one of the last classes of the day, and after warmup I knew things just wouldn’t work too good. My TLR 22-4 just felt really unbalanced, I think mainly because for 4wd the track was in between on tires. I decided to do my best as far as points were considered by salvaging a third place. All in all a good, but long day 21 hours start to finish and I was able to come away with good points going into the final round at FZRC. 
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