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Super Cup Saturday

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The Jconcepts Super Cup traveled to Sarasota and FZRC for the last round of their spring session. FZRC has always been a favorite track of mine and this weekend wouldn’t change things. Marty and the guys at FZRC did a great job preparing the track, as well as during Saturday’s contest. The track is smaller, but perfect 10th scale size track and this was the best I’ve ever seen.   

Friday I got to the track about lunchtime and I worked on things. I waited around to run later in the day to simulate the grip level that I would see in Saturday’s main events. Having a fresh set of jconcepts dirt webs for both truck and 2wd and the rear of 4wd. In the front of 4wd, I would find out from testing that barcodes work the best all in blue compound. My later runs would work out well and I would feel comfortable for this time Saturday. 
Saturday after getting a good night sleep, the battle would be on. Round one in 2wd would have very low grip and we would see runs almost two lap slower then afternoon runs. I decided to go with jconcepts ribs and splitters with the older white insert trying to get as much grip as possible. We would see the track getting faster and faster race by race so being in the last run of 2wd helped grab round one TQ. Truck would see the same situation and after making the right decision on tires in this class, I would TQ this class also. 4wd would see a transition and the grip level would be much higher than 2wd and truck. I also made the transition on tires too; I would be three for three on TQ’s in round one. Round two would see the grip level be the highest I’ve seen in a long time on an outdoor track. Round two would almost go the same as round one, except I came up short in 2wd due to two or three mistakes during my run putting me second on the grip in this class. 
Main time would bring everyone around the track to see each modified race. 2wd would be the first class up and grip levels would still be high, but not as high as round two. At the tone, it would be a two car battle with me and TQ Jason. After a lap or two, I noticed Jason swing out wider on the turn after the large jump in the center of the track, and I was thinking of making the move. For some of you racers out there, this is a good pointer for you to think about and I hope it helps you with racing and racing smart:  If there’s two racers and your battling things out, be sure to be patient, so if you make a move and it doesn’t go well you both can recover and not lose more then one spot. After having the gap between our battle, I made the pass and I cruised to the win. Truck mod would be up next and from the tone, my TLR 22T 2.0 would be like a rocket ship, and I would come away with the win in this class also. 4wd would be up last, now we would be into the later part of the day and shadows would be all over the track. This would come and bite me in this main, and I wouldn’t have enough time to catch now leader, Daimon. All in all a great weekend with two out of three overall wins and five out of six round wins. Now it’s time to prepare for the next one which is coming up fast, AMS 6.0; that’s right a big gas race. I can’t wait for this one. Stay tuned!

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