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LFR crown race recap

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Saturday in the early morning it was off to beachline raceway, formerly spacecoast. Spacecoast, shortly after the 2014 nationals was taken over by superior hobbies and renamed beachline raceway. Rob and the crew at superior have done an awesome job on redoing not just the track, but the whole facility and transforming it into one of the best tracks in Florida. 

From pictures and watching videos on Facebook, I could tell that the track would be very green and lower grip than we are used to at beachline. With this, and with the hope that they watered it the night before, I mounted up some Jconcepts black dirt webs and gold dirt webs for both my TLR 22 2.0 and 22-4. I was the first car on the track and I had the black compound tires on, and even though they worked well, I thought I could get more with golds. So I ran my next practice with the gold dirt webs, and after about four laps, I knew I had my tire. 
Qualifying would go well and after two rounds in both classes, I had TQ and I would start getting ready for the mains. After helping several TLR/Jconcepts customers with tire choice and setup, it was time for the mains. Mains would go well with me winning both and bringing home the crowns in both 2wd and 4wd mod classes.  

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