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Supercup fall session round 1 recap 

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This past Saturday, it was it was off to newred hobbies for the first round of the fall session of the 2015 Jconcepts supercup. Newreds was the host of the roar region four race a couple of months back, which I was not able to attend as I was in Houston for the dash for cash race. I took some time making the hour and a half trip from Tampa to do some club racing to prepare for the supercup. Newred’s track is one of the most difficult tracks around with its smaller size, high speeds, bumpy surface, and extremely high grip. This makes racing super difficult and keeping the pace of turning laps in a reasonable frame of mind. When you hear people say that it’s not the fastest lap that wins the race, it the more consistent; this would be the key, and to understand that the race isn’t over till it’s over. I kept my mind set managed in both 2wd and truck coming home with a win and a second place finish. 4wd, I would lose this focus and the mindset to come home with a fifth place finish. 
This wasn’t fully the outcome I was looking for, but in a series setting like the supercup is and newred being the type of track that it is, the outcome could be worse, and I could be in a deeper hole then I am. The next stop on the tour is off to my favorite track, beachline raceway. Grip level is totally different then newred and I’ve found myself having a very good couple of trips here in the last month or two, and feel I’ve got a good handle on conditions. 
Products used are listed below. All can be found at

TLR 22 2.0

TLR 22T 2.0

TLR 22-4

Trinity white carbon shorty

Trinity D4 7.5, 8.5, and 9.5

Tekin RSX speedo’s

Jconcepts gold smoothies 

Jconcepts silencer bodies  

Spektrum 6240 and 6270 servos  

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