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Jconcepts indoor nationals race recap

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Thursday it was off to Boston and the small town of Fichburg, which is the home of R/C excitement and the fall round of the Jconcepts indoor national series. I’ve been to this same race last year and I definitely needed a redo as last year’s race wasn’t the best for me. The smaller indoor track is a horse of a different color as it’s not your normal situation. Most indoor tracks have high grip and a little more moisture. The R/C excitement track is drier and dustier then most tracks, which can add a total spin on things. 
Practice was an all day thing with breaking tires in being the biggest tuning item. I came to R/C excitement with Jconcepts 2.2 blue dirt web which was the tire we all ended up on last year. After hanging out with teammate, Alex K. who is a super fast AE driver from here in the northeast. He was running the same Jconcepts tire but in 60mm. So after some small car changes, I decided to try the 60mm blue dirt webs as well in both 2wd and 4wd. In the mod truck, I brought some blue truck webs from home and that would be the tire for all weekend in this class. To go along with things that carried over from last year was motor speed. Last year, I found myself having too much motor so I planned ahead and I motored down for this year’s race. 2wd I ran a 9.5, 4wd I ran a 7.5, and an 8.5 in truck. 
Qualifying was really all over the place with the points quite high from about third place down to ninth in all classes. 2wd class, I saw a vast improvement over last year with help from Alex K.’s tire info and knowing the TLR 22 more on this type of track. 4wd class, I had some not so good luck with traffic and I did not make the best decision with traffic putting me 6th overall. Truck class was the best class, which gave me the TQ after just two rounds. 
Main day was a waiting game as bump ups put all the A mains at the end of the program. 2wd mains went well with a win in A2 and in a battle with Alex K. In A3, some major mistakes on my part put me in a position to get 3rd overall. Track jumped a single 8-minute main and after not giving by best performance, I brought home the win. 4wd, I left a lot on the table and I wasn’t able to show the best finish when I found out after A1 that my rear diff was on its way out and with the mains being back to back, I was unable to repair for A2 and A3 so I limped home in 3rd. 
All in all a great time again at R/C excitement. Thanks to Todd, Jconcepts and Horizon Hobby for making this trip possible for me again this year.  
Also congratulations to the Northeast TLR guys and there accomplishments over the weekend. 
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