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Just a little catching up

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I’ve been away from my blog for a month now and I apologize! I’ve been up to my neck with stuff and it seems to be more and more each day. 
I’ve attended a few races that I haven’t talked about and I would like to do so. 
I attended the final round of the Jconcepts super cup at FZRC with the revealing of the TLR 22 3.0 in Florida. Friday before the race, I had one whole day to do some practice on the small outdoor track. Marty’s FZRC is one of my favorite tracks in the state and this weekend was no different. My TLR 22 3.0 and 22-4 worked great all day, and I had the win in both classes, which gave me the overall wins for the series. I’ll leave this for January when we get to race one in 2016.
The next race I attended was the GIC in Macon GA. at HotShot Raceway. Brad Galyean gave me the opportunity to make the trip north and race in the GIC. This race felt just like a super cup race in Florida, racing in GA. All of team Trinity made the trip up along with some of the AE guys. All in all, it was a good weekend for me from talking to some hardcore TLR racers in this area. Racing didn’t end the way that I had hoped, but the track kind of got away from me and my cars, which had started off good when the grip was low. As the track got more and more grip, I had to change my cars accordingly, but I decided to play it safe and I stayed with what I started with. This didn’t give me the speed to come home with the win.
Next it was back home and time for a little nitro racing. I’m thankful for the opportunity from HorizonHobby, Kevin Gahan, and Adrien Bertin to be running Team Orion nitro engines. This teamed up with my new TLR 8ight 4.0 means a lot of good things are to come. It took several days to break engines in before racing, which happened last Saturday at Deans Discount Hobbies. I raced my TLR 8ight 4.0 buggy along with my 8ight 3.0 ebuggy that day. Both cars performed great along with my Orion RS engine and Trinity 2000kv motor in ebuggy to bring home the win in both classes.
Up next, it’s off to North Carolina and World of RC thunder alley for their Christmas Classic. Hope to meet and race with some new people.
Products used

TLR 22 3.0, TLR 22-4, TLR 8ight 4.0, TLR 8ight 3.0 ebuggy

Jconcepts Dirt webs, Jconcepts S2, Jconcepts Hybrids

Trinity D4 8.5, Trinity D4 7.5, Trinity D8 2000kv, Trinity white carbon shorty,

Tekin RSX, Tekin RX8

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