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Just to clear some things up

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As of a couple of weeks ago, I made a change to my program by moving away from Trinity and moving over to Tekin for the motor side of things. I’m still working on what to do with which batteries to use and hopefully I can get things worked out before I make my trip north to motorama. 
I want to clear up a few things as I’ve had several people ask me about how I feel being on the “bad side of trinity because of being with them and now moving on.” I think mostly because people in the past haven’t handled things in a very professional manner and they have burned bridges along the way leaving Trinity with a bad taste in their mouth with certain individuals. Me and Trinity followed our agreements all the way up to the end of my 2015 contract year, which again is the professional way of handling things. 
I saw Ernie for the first time Tuesday at the snowbird nationals in Orlando, Florida after the change. We have talked and we shook hands and I’m very pleased in the way things have taken place. I’ve kept things very professional with Ernie through my three years with Trinity and I still consider him a good friend. I look forward to my new adventures now with Tekin and thank Trinity for everything they’ve done for me over the years. 

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