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Motorama run down

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I had been to Motorama back in 2011 when I participated in the nitro 1/8th scale. This year I returned trying to do the double by running 1/8th ebuggy with the new TLR 8ight-E 4.0, and running the 1/10th side with my TLR 22 3.0 and 22-4. 

This was very challenging with two totally different environments from side to side. For example, on the 1/10th side, the track crew didn’t have ample time time to let the clay dry before their track build. There was nothing they could do and they did an outstanding job giving us the best track they could. On the 1/8th side, it was super fun: flowing, fast, and for the most part a smooth layout. A constant check of was needed along with some math so that all practices and races could be run. 
Practice day Friday morning, I was still figuring out some issues with the 1/8th side, and it would hinder slightly the 1/10th side of my program, but I was determined to make the best of both situations. On 1/10th track, we all saw a condition we haven’t seen, I would say ever, in that the hardest part of the track would be the straightaway. With the clay not getting ample time to dry, packing was a hard fought battle. But it was the same for everyone, and it was just another thing to think about as we reached qualifying. 
Round one of qualifying was Friday afternoon after the two practice rounds. Still sorting out my ebuggy and still having small issues haunt me (which was mainly caused by myself not being prepped probably) I found myself in a hole after round one. 1/10th side I fared a little bit better with a, not super fast, but consistent run in 4wd, which earned me TQ. A not so consistent run in 2wd had the bumpy straightaway bite me one or two times. 
Saturday it was up early, now with a pocket full of ibuprofen and determination to have a better day then Friday. Ebuggy was my first class, and after revolving all of my small issues, I was on to TQ round 2, which led to a relief going into round 3, where I needed good points to make the main. Round 3 for ebuggy, I unfortunately made many mistakes, which led to a 10th place finish for this round putting me 3rd on the grid for Sunday’s triple “A” mains. 1/10th side, I started to lose the grip of the tire situation and I started to second guess myself, which is never good. A lot of the top guys were using tires for the last Jconcepts indoor national which were super soft from tire saucing over and over. I ended up making both A mains on grit and determination, but I really wasn’t feeling very confident going into Sunday. 
Sunday was main day and ebuggy was my class for this day. Keeping with the same set of Jconcepts green reflexes that I came to Motorama with, along with my Tekin 1900kv, RX8 gen2 and Venom 6300 70c lipo powered TLR 8ight-E 4.0 led me to the win in A1 and A2, which gave me the overall win for this class. In 2wd and 4wd, I continued to have doubts about what tire compound to choose. This was my downfall and hindered me and overall cost me to have am awful finish; one I’m not very proud about. But we live and we learn; notes have been taken and most knowledge has been taken in for next time. 
I would like to thank CS, SE and both track crews for their hard work on making this event happen! It was a blast and I would love to attend next year’s event also. 
Choo choo I’m out! Haha


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