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Roar Region 4 champs review 

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I haven’t been able to attend the last couple of Roar Region races here in my home state of Florida due to schedule conflicts. I’ve always been a fan of these races because they cary a little bit more prestige and stature than normal state/club races and they encompass the best nitro racers in the southeast. 

Friday it was off to Bartow, which narrowly is about an hour, but it took about two hours with traffic this time. After a quick stop at Chickfila, it was off to the track! Side Show Bob and Mike Santana put in a great layout with a little mix of everything. My TLR 8ight 4.0, 8ight T 4.0, and 8ight E 4.0 were prepped and ready to hit the track for practice. I spent most of my time running my TLR 8ight 4.0 and I had a good grasp on my Jconcepts tire choice trying green reflex and green lil chasers. Both tires worked great on the small twisty track, but reflex I felt was my tire. 

Saturday was a long day with three qualifying races in each class. Ebuggy went ok, having a slight mechanical problem, but I was able to bounce back with TQing rounds 2 and 3. Truggy and buggy went better with TQing each round. In all classes, I found I had to make different tire compound changes from round to round as the track had less grip in the morning, and then had more grip by say 1 o’clock and then it went back to less grip in the evening. 

Sunday, I was up early again to turn marshal, and then I began prep for the mains that would come later on in the day. We also had a chance of rain as a small weather system was forecasted to be in the area around the time of the mains. The track deteriorated much worst this day than any of the past. So after normal main maintenance on my Team Orion power plants in nitro and my Tekin and Venom powered ebuggy, it was time to talk tires. The most easiest decision was the truggy class as I had a set of each compound reflex mounted and run from the day before. Ebuggy and nitro buggy were a little harder as the track still had a groove, but that groove was covered in dust for pretty much the whole driving line. Finally I made the decision and consulted with team manager, John Piant, to go with green compound in all classes and it was the winning combination. 

All in all a good weekend and great to run some nitro again. My TLR rides really on rails all weekend along with my jconcepts tires grip the tricky track surface all weekend. My Tekin RX8 gen2 powered my Tekin 1900 kv motor excellently, and I never had a runtime issue in each 10 minute ebuggy main thanks to my Venom 6300 70c lipo. 


Products used in main event

TLR 8ight T 4.0

TLR 8ight E 4.0

TLR 8ight 4.0

Jconcepts green reflex (all classes)

Jconcepts Bullet wheels

Jconcepts silencer body

Jconcepts finnisher body

Tekin RX8 gen2

Tekin 1900 kv motor

Venom 6300 70c lipo

Team Orion 7 port (truggy)

Team Orion 3 port RS (buggy)

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